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  Show name Rating
A Football Life      A Football Life 8.60
avg out of 314 votes
Andi Mack      Andi Mack 7.90
avg out of 611 votes
Blindspot      Blindspot 7.60
avg out of 49,283 votes
Blue Bloods      Blue Bloods 7.50
avg out of 24,338 votes
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend      Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 7.70
avg out of 8,575 votes
Destination Truth      Destination Truth 7.60
avg out of 2,369 votes
Gold Rush: Alaska      Gold Rush: Alaska 7.20
avg out of 3,237 votes
The Graham Norton Show      Graham Norton Show, The 8.30
avg out of 6,989 votes
The Half Hour      Half Hour, The 7.10
avg out of 59 votes
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)      Hawaii Five-0 (2010) 7.40
avg out of 54,007 votes
Hells Kitchen US      Hells Kitchen US 7.00
avg out of 15,720 votes
Inhumans      Inhumans 5.40
avg out of 6,944 votes
Jane the Virgin      Jane the Virgin 7.80
avg out of 20,272 votes
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon      Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show Starring 7.70
avg out of 11,821 votes
K.C. Undercover      K.C. Undercover 6.10
avg out of 2,106 votes
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert      Late Show with Stephen Colbert, The 7.60
avg out of 6,220 votes
Live PD      Live PD 8.20
avg out of 326 votes
Longmire      Longmire 8.30
avg out of 21,079 votes
MacGyver      MacGyver 4.90
avg out of 10,174 votes
Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars      Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars 4.80
avg out of 184 votes
Once Upon A Time      Once Upon A Time 7.90
avg out of 185,206 votes
Other TV Shows      Other TV Shows 0.00
avg out of 0 votes
Player Attack      Player Attack 6.80
avg out of 11 votes
QI      QI 8.60
avg out of 25,303 votes
Real Time with Bill Maher      Real Time with Bill Maher 7.60
avg out of 10,142 votes
Seth Meyers, Late Night With      Seth Meyers, Late Night With 6.10
avg out of 3,179 votes
Spy World      Spy World 6.66
avg out of 3 votes
Stuck in the Middle      Stuck in the Middle 5.90
avg out of 805 votes
Teen Titans Go!      Teen Titans Go! 4.80
avg out of 10,021 votes
The Dumping Ground      The Dumping Ground 7.40
avg out of 283 votes
The Exorcist      The Exorcist 8.20
avg out of 16,106 votes
The Lion Guard      The Lion Guard 6.90
avg out of 748 votes
The Talk      The Talk 3.80
avg out of 1,341 votes
The Young and the Restless      The Young and the Restless 5.20
avg out of 4,771 votes
Treehouse Masters      Treehouse Masters 7.50
avg out of 891 votes
Vampirina      Vampirina 8.20
avg out of 55 votes
Yo-kai Watch      Yo-kai Watch 6.30
avg out of 265 votes
Z Nation      Z Nation 6.70
avg out of 24,059 votes

  Show name Rating
Alvinnn!!! And the Chipmunks      Alvinnn!!! And the Chipmunks 4.90
avg out of 579 votes
Casualty      Casualty 6.00
avg out of 1,907 votes
Cold Justice      Cold Justice 7.70
avg out of 913 votes
Elena of Avalor      Elena of Avalor 6.70
avg out of 517 votes
First Time Flippers      First Time Flippers 5.20
avg out of 25 votes
Game Shakers      Game Shakers 4.60
avg out of 773 votes
Henry Danger      Henry Danger 5.70
avg out of 1,631 votes
Justice League Action      Justice League Action 7.80
avg out of 762 votes
Live PD      Live PD 8.20
avg out of 326 votes
Marvel's Avengers Assemble      Marvel's Avengers Assemble 7.10
avg out of 4,623 votes
Mech-X4      Mech-X4 6.30
avg out of 254 votes
Miles from Tomorrowland      Miles from Tomorrowland 7.20
avg out of 285 votes
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic      My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic 7.70
avg out of 16,752 votes
Other TV Shows      Other TV Shows 0.00
avg out of 0 votes
Saturday Night Live      Saturday Night Live 8.10
avg out of 35,775 votes
School of Rock      School of Rock 4.70
avg out of 655 votes
Sonic Boom      Sonic Boom 6.70
avg out of 1,431 votes
SpongeBob SquarePants      SpongeBob SquarePants 8.10
avg out of 64,963 votes
Strictly Come Dancing      Strictly Come Dancing 5.90
avg out of 928 votes
The Jonathan Ross Show      The Jonathan Ross Show 6.30
avg out of 703 votes
The Pioneer Woman      The Pioneer Woman 6.30
avg out of 296 votes
Thunderbirds Are Go!      Thunderbirds Are Go! 6.90
avg out of 1,102 votes
The X Factor      X Factor, The 4.50
avg out of 3,802 votes

  Show name Rating
90 Day Fiance      90 Day Fiance 5.80
avg out of 390 votes
A Place to Call Home      A Place to Call Home 8.30
avg out of 2,129 votes
Alaska: The Last Frontier      Alaska: The Last Frontier 7.90
avg out of 1,059 votes
Americas Funniest Home Videos      Americas Funniest Home Videos 6.20
avg out of 4,144 votes
Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown      Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown 8.60
avg out of 2,464 votes
Berlin Station      Berlin Station 7.40
avg out of 2,578 votes
Bob's Burgers      Bobs Burgers 8.10
avg out of 46,464 votes
Comic Book Men      Comic Book Men 7.70
avg out of 4,602 votes
Countryfile      Countryfile 7.10
avg out of 58 votes
Curb Your Enthusiasm      Curb Your Enthusiasm 8.70
avg out of 74,734 votes
Disappeared      Disappeared 8.10
avg out of 630 votes
Disparue      Disparue 7.30
avg out of 683 votes
Edge of Alaska      Edge of Alaska 6.80
avg out of 278 votes
Family Guy      Family Guy 8.20
avg out of 259,335 votes
Ghosted      Ghosted 6.50
avg out of 1,144 votes
Good Behavior      Good Behavior 8.20
avg out of 5,540 votes
Graves      Graves 6.30
avg out of 639 votes
Halloween Wars      Halloween Wars 7.90
avg out of 208 votes
Heartland      Heartland 8.30
avg out of 5,825 votes
The Hunt with John Walsh      Hunt with John Walsh, The 7.30
avg out of 214 votes
Keeping Up with the Kardashians      Keeping Up with the Kardashians 2.80
avg out of 21,957 votes
The Last Man on Earth      Last Man on Earth, The 7.40
avg out of 41,070 votes
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver      Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 9.00
avg out of 53,079 votes
Louis Theroux      Louis Theroux 8.50
avg out of 84 votes
Madam Secretary      Madam Secretary 7.60
avg out of 13,972 votes
My Giant Life      My Giant Life 5.20
avg out of 113 votes
NCIS: Los Angeles      NCIS: Los Angeles 6.70
avg out of 39,329 votes
On the Case with Paula Zahn      On the Case with Paula Zahn 7.40
avg out of 426 votes
Other TV Shows      Other TV Shows 0.00
avg out of 0 votes
Outlander      Outlander 8.50
avg out of 68,805 votes
Peston on Sunday      Peston on Sunday 4.10
avg out of 12 votes
Ray Donovan      Ray Donovan 8.30
avg out of 56,555 votes
Ride with Norman Reedus      Ride with Norman Reedus 8.10
avg out of 572 votes
Salvage Dawgs      Salvage Dawgs 7.30
avg out of 101 votes
Search Party      Search Party 7.40
avg out of 2,476 votes
Shahs of Sunset      Shahs of Sunset 4.70
avg out of 1,107 votes
Shameless (US)      Shameless (US) 8.70
avg out of 134,533 votes
Shark Tank      Shark Tank 7.50
avg out of 6,793 votes
The Simpsons      Simpsons, The 8.80
avg out of 298,498 votes
Squidbillies      Squidbillies 6.70
avg out of 5,156 votes
Star Trek: Discovery      Star Trek: Discovery 7.30
avg out of 20,437 votes
Star Wars Rebels      Star Wars Rebels 8.00
avg out of 17,011 votes
Strictly Come Dancing      Strictly Come Dancing 5.90
avg out of 928 votes
Talking Dead      Talking Dead 7.40
avg out of 2,817 votes
Tangled: The Series      Tangled: The Series 7.80
avg out of 446 votes
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles      Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 8.00
avg out of 6,394 votes
Ten Days in the Valley      Ten Days in the Valley 5.90
avg out of 442 votes
The Deuce      The Deuce 8.30
avg out of 4,536 votes
The Doctor Blake Mysteries      The Doctor Blake Mysteries 8.10
avg out of 2,056 votes
The Girlfriend Experience      The Girlfriend Experience 7.30
avg out of 5,719 votes
The Last Post      The Last Post 6.20
avg out of 249 votes
The Only Way Is Essex      The Only Way Is Essex 3.10
avg out of 1,854 votes
The Powerpuff Girls      The Powerpuff Girls 3.60
avg out of 1,979 votes
The Real Housewives of Atlanta      The Real Housewives of Atlanta 4.10
avg out of 2,701 votes
The Toy Box      The Toy Box 3.80
avg out of 177 votes
This Is Life with Lisa Ling      This Is Life with Lisa Ling 7.60
avg out of 216 votes
Vice Principals      Vice Principals 7.90
avg out of 11,855 votes
The Walking Dead      Walking Dead, The 8.50
avg out of 712,465 votes
Wisdom of the Crowd      Wisdom of the Crowd 6.60
avg out of 899 votes
The X Factor      X Factor, The 4.50
avg out of 3,802 votes

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